Zucchini Waffles


I’ve never liked Wednesdays. I wish I could skip work on Wednesdays like Tim Riggins skips school on Wednesdays, without giving it a second thought. In the summer, though, they’re not so bad because there’s a farmers market near my office every Wednesday. I stop by on my lunch break, my sister-in-law makes me a panini while I help her sell them, and I do a little shopping. Often that means baked goods, but a couple weeks ago, I bought some monster zucchini and a watermelon. Did you know that watermelons are really heavy? I learned this the hard way after walking many blocks with it in a plastic bag that was mid-tear, but I did make it back to my office and then to my car with the watermelon fully intact. Fortunately, the monster zucchini wasn’t so heavy that I had trouble carrying it, but it did take me quite a while to grate it all. After making some zucchini bars (recipe soon to come!) and some double chocolate zucchini bread, I still had some left, so the obvious solution was to make waffles.

Since the zucchini in these makes them so moist, they definitely benefit from some time in the oven (or toaster oven) after they’ve been waffled to crisp up a bit, but this will also keep them warm if you’re feeding a crowd.

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Waffle Pizza!


Waffle pizza? Pizza waffle? I think this could give the pizza bagel vs. bagel pizza debate a run for its money. Has anyone other than my family actually had that debate? Probably not, but I always called them pizza bagels and my cousins called them bagel pizzas. If I went by that rule, I should call them pizza waffles, but I’ve already decided that they’re waffle pizzas.

Anyway, these waffle pizzas were dreamed up one night almost exactly a year ago when I couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know why I started thinking about waffles, but for some reason these random waffle ideas kept popping into my head, making it even harder to sleep. Waffle pizza was the one that really stuck, and I’m pretty sure I made it the very next day because I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I adapted a Joy the Baker waffle recipe for the “crust” and topped the waffles with sauce and cheese before I put them in the oven. You can top them with any toppings of your choice, or just keep it classic with lots of cheese. Continue reading